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 The Accidental Husband
Year: 2008
Directed by: Griffin Dunne
Starring: Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Seen on: 23 May 2009
Rating: ★★★★☆
My thoughts: I was expecting some sort of romantic comedy which would be funny and easy to watch, and I wasn't disappointed! I liked this film: yes, it is about love and it's some sort of comedy with a happy ending, but the plot isn't entirely unoriginal, as the protagonist works in a radio and the man who comes into her life is someone who has put himself as her husband online by hacking into her details, in order to get revenge.
What I loved more than anything else, though, was the cast! I've always really liked Colin Firth, who is good in this type of role that he's playing, and Uma Thurman is just fantastic :) I love her because she's a great actress, pretty but also unusual as a protagonist of a film like this, and can manage to be very funny and to portray a strong woman with a great personality as well. But... Jeffrey Dean Morgan! I'm in love with this man! <3 I remember him from Watchmen, where I adored him, and... Well, in this film I couldn't help smiling every time he was in the scene! Because he's super-funny, but also very sweet and the sort of man with a great charisma that everyone would love to meet :) I associate him a little with Javier Bardem somehow...

On the whole, this movie isn't one of my favourites but it's a good romantic comedy with great actors that kept me entertained for a couple of hours :) Also, it all evolves around the idea of having to choose between someone who is reliable, safe and the 'perfect match' and has always been and someone who is unpredictable and less safe, but more exciting and fun at the end. My favourite scene was when Uma Thurman and Colin Firth meet at the end and he admits that he has lost... It's predictable, but still phrased in a very good way and it made me think :)

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