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Twenties Girl
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Read in: 08/09
Rating: ★★★★★

My thoughts: When I started this book I was a little disappointed, as I didn't manage to get as much into it from the very first page as it had happened with all the other Sophie Kinsella books. But after reading a few chapters, I started finding this novel very fascinating, with the result that it is now one of my favourites by this author. What I like about it is that she put together two different centuries that somehow get in touch with each other. There is a supernatural element, but it is so clear that she did a huge amount of research to manage to write this book successfully. The result is an extremely funny and witty novel which is very moving and instructive in the end as well, with unexpected twists and interesting, believable characters, as usual. I really think Sophie Kinsella is growing as a writer, and her style and subjects are becoming more mature, and somehow deeper, but always without losing that amazing way she has of writing something incredibly true in which most people can recognize themselves. <3

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