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Year: 20089
Directed by: Lars von Trier
Seen in: August 2009
Rating: ★★★☆☆
My thoughts: Antichrist was an interesting film. I wouldn't really know what genre to categorize it in, and I don't think I'd be able to offer a detailed plot of it, as it's completely unique. There's violence, swearing, mutilations, shocking sequences, things being cut or damaged, running, hiding, but even black and white scenes with soft music, scenes where nothing really happens in the surface and others where you're not really sure of what's going on, and whether it's really happening or it's all in the imagination.

The truth is that this film can be seen from a series of different points of view, none of which would be wrong or right in absolute. Lars Von Trier has put in some amazing shots and has directed this film in an amazing way, even if it shows two really disturbed people doing strange things and going to strange places. It's not entirely symbolic or entirely realistic, it's just a story about a "him" and a "her" who are never given name, and between whom it's really difficult to determine who is the bad person and who is the good one. This is the question that stays with the audience at the end of the film: did she go crazy because of his rationality? Has she made him like this? Or has he made her that way? Who is the "antichrist"? And I think that this is exactly the confusing and genius effect the director wanted to leave. I have to say though, I won't watch this film again for a very long time, because of all the violence and the shock...
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