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Brothers & Sisters
Year: 2006-2009
Creator: Jon Robin Baitz
Rating: ★★★★★
My thoughts: Since I've seen all three series in the last four months or so, I thought I'd write a review of the whole show so far, as it had been ages since a show had interested me so much! I love Brothers & Sisters because the story flows very naturally, characters are many and all interesting, and I like the way I really cared for every single one of them after only having seen a few episodes!

What I like about this show so much is that nothing is ever either right or wrong, but there are different sides to it. In the same way, there's not good characters and bad characters, but I have to say, I really do like everyone in the show. That's because, even if someone acts in a way that has negative consequences of other people, they always show you the reasons for this behaviour, and it's easy to understand them and to relate to both sides most times. An example of this is Holly: she's meant to be the 'evil' woman who takes over the family business, but I've often seen her as a very independent person who really cares about her family and ultimately tries to make decisions that will make everyone happy in the end. Her past is also very interesting, I've often wondered what she had been like :) Rebecca is also like that, she has her flaws but she's sort of in the middle between the two families, and I like that about her.

My favourite characters will have to be Nora (Sally Field is an amazing actress, she really makes you care so much for her character), Scotty, Justin and Kitty. Kitty is the one I've loved since the very first episode, and she's probably a little bit of what I would like to be at some point: opinionated, passionate, wanting more from my life and not letting people getting in the middle of all this. I like that she's such a strong character with a great personality but can also be very fragile at moments. I also love Kevin, the senator, Julia, Sarah, Saul... All of them are interesting in their own way. 

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