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War Horse
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Read on: 30/07/09
Rating: ★★★★★

My thoughts: This book was incredibly moving and absolutely unique in his genre. It's the first book I've read that is seen from the point of view of a horse, and it's completely believable and 'realistic' even if it's obviously an impossible situation, as a horse can't write or speak. I loved the relationships that so many different people have with this animal, how they feel the need to talk to him and to protect him, and how in the end they are all very similar to each other (it's set in the time of war) even if they have to fight each other. It makes you think of the reasons behind the start of a war, of the different attitudes to it as seen from the point of view of someone who is powerful but also has been dragged into the situation unwillingly. It's a story of friendship, trust, love, search. It's extremely moving and the characters seem to take life in front of us. The ending is just brilliant, as the only two really good characters of the books, who are also enemies, are somehow unconventionally joined together by a common point, and admit their weaknesses by showing their real nature to each other. It's absolutely perfect and the writing is simple but extremely honest and powerful.

Quotes: "He talked to himself because he felt that he was the only one who understood himself or would ever listen to what he was saying".

"You see, my friend, I want my Emilie to live on in people;s hearts. I shall die soon, in a few years, no more; and then no one will remember my Emilie as she was. I have no other family left alive to remember her. She will be just a name on a gravestone that no one will read. I want you to tell your friends at home about my Emilie. Otherwise it will be as if she has never even lived".

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